On The Journey, from the creators of AI-powered wellness companion Kai.ai, sheds light on the art of living from the leading voices in wellbeing and wellness. Every week you can expect a compelling and diverse range of topics on stress relief, gratitude, mindfulness, intentional living, relationships, self-care and much more.

On The Journey features some of the world’s most insightful individuals who have instigated inspiring, positive change in their professional and personal lives, and far beyond. We have handpicked personal stories, practical advice, and insights that reflect the many faces from the world of personal development and self-growth.

We see tremendous value in exchanging ideas and opinions along our own individual journey, as it’s in discovering different perspectives that we can find what works best for each of us. When it comes to life and learning, an ocean of wisdom is made up of many streams.

In creating On The Journey we understood more clearly that in our always-on society we’re surrounded, sometimes flooded, with information. We aim to offer a more curated approach so you save more time creating change rather than searching for solutions.

On The Journey is a place to learn, discover and consider the endless ways to live a happier life.

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