Building Resilience with Pride

As our world strives to be more progressive, we notice more days and months highlighted for the sake of celebrating marginalized members of our community. If we believe that these initiatives are taken for a better state of equality, acceptance, love and peace, what happens when the days and the months sunset? This question is […]

Power of Presence: Using AI to Fight Teen Anxiety

Science and technology have been much like heroes in recent years. From therapeutic breakthroughs to live-streaming advances, we’ve been able to navigate the challenges of the global pandemic by fighting viruses and remaining socially connected. These have been our headlines for many months—but what’s next? Is this only the beginning of a better world shaped […]

Psychological Flexibility

How many times have you felt trapped in your own emotions, thoughts, behaviors, or memories?   While we may not realize it, we are often stuck in our heads without being able to see beyond how we are really feeling. Fortunately, practicing Psychological Flexibility offers a way out. Psychological flexibility refers to our abilities to experience and process […]