Employee wellbeing is no longer a perk,
it’s a business priority that reduces
sick days and increases productivity

A Changing World

“Mental health is the biggest
workforce issue of our time”

People Management Magazine

69% of employees are more stressed and distracted at work compared to a year ago

63% of employees want their company to do more to support their mental health and wellbeing

Two thirds of employees missed at least one day of work due to stress and anxiety
35% of workers missed four or more days

Kai gives employees access to the benefits of a personal wellness coach on their smartphone, anytime, anywhere

Completely  secure and 
confidential to the employee

Advanced AI powered companion that’s constantly learning

A conversational behavioral mental health companion that guides you through your day

Completely secure and
to the

Advanced AI-powered companion that’s constantly learning

A conversational behavioral
mental health companion that
guides you through your day

After a month of using Kai users are less stressed, more focused, work better with teams, improve productivity and most importantly – happier


prioritized tasks better 
after using Kai.ai

prioritized tasks better
after using Kai.ai

of program participants reported
feeling “less stressed”

of program participants reported feeling “less stressed”

expressed a greater sense of
focus and purpose at work

expressed a greater sense of
focus and purpose at work

Your organizational dashboard

You’ll get detailed engagement statistics to understand
usage and your organization’s long-term wellness.

Kai is a personalised wellness conversational coach and companion on your smartphone powered by advanced AI and enhanced with real, trained people that help you monitor your mood and learn about yourself. Think of it as a conversational behavioral wellness companion that guides you through your day.  Kai supports wellness and mental health with calming conversational support, with breathing exercises and meditation depending on your mood and needs.

Using Cognitive Behavioural Techniques, Kai offers personalized responses to help individuals modify their thoughts, emotions, and behavior with useful tips and support. Kai asks users how they are feeling and what is going on in their lives with brief daily conversations. Kai stores your entries into a daily journal that you can view at any time to monitor mood and memories.

Kai is built using psychological expertise to provide a friendly informative conversation with a wellness coach.

Some of what you receive are automated messages based on your input, while other times you will talk directly to a human to help you with your goals.

Currently Kai is available on WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram Messenger. We are currently in the process of adding more platforms and building an app.

As we continue to live in a changing world and we spend more time working remotely, your company recognises the importance of mental health and well being. Therefore they want to offer you a new benefit to support you wherever you are, in the form of a personal wellness coach.

We ask you for your name, time zone, and for permissions to view your calendar. These are associated with your account in a secure encrypted database.

Your conversations will be viewed confidentially by our trained companions who work with you to help you achieve your goals, we will never share anything externally. Internally, parts of conversations may be viewed anonymously for training and improvement purposes only.

The humans powering Kai are psychologists trained in coaching and specific methodologies to help them understand each user’s needs and priorities, as well as helping users evaluate their progress and wellness goals.

No, no one gets to see your conversations between you and Kai, they are totally confidential and encrypted.

Your employer admin will be able to see the number of users and engagement usage statistics but not define this as any employee group or individual.

The employer admin will also see an average ‘happiness sentiment’ of the entire company, they will not be able to define this to any employee group or individual.

Your company has kindly added this as a free benefit for you therefore you get Kai Unlimited for free.

You can end your relationship with Kai at any time, directly in the conversation. Simply tell Kai you want to stop the service, and Kai will stop sending messages.

If you’d like to delete your account from our servers, just ask Kai to delete your account by asking Kai to “delete my data” and you’ll be guided through the process of deleting your account. Our servers will then no longer remember your personal data.