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Ziv: Hello, I’m Ziv and this is on the journey. Every week on the Journey explores the intersection of wellness, spiritual inquiry, mental health, personal growth and purposeful living through the eyes of the people we interview

And today we are with Dr. Angela Wilson. Angela, we would love to hear about your journey. What do you do and why?

Angela: Ok, nice to be here with you, interviewed by you Ziv. I appreciate it.

I’m Dr. Angela Wilson, Ph.D. for Psychology, for a normal signs, including all qualifications in the clinical psychology, I deal with. I imagine is that dealing with people suffer clinically decades ago. And I have all the qualification cover. You mentioned that.

Well, psychology, success psychology, everything you mention on earth or all occasion, I have that. Why? Because when I was a kid, I was born unwanted and then we’re living in the residential building inside the city hospital. Every day, I followed my doctor parents like a shadow. And as a little toddler, you can see, I saw people die every day.

I got shocked, I didn’t know why we were born and then people die even little baby, that’s freaking me out. Then when I was six, my father said nobody can change the destiny. That’s freaking me out. Why? Because I was unwanted. Kids at home, I was physically abuse, emotional abuse every day, also every day.

Actually, I found a very special technique to get rid of all the stress and the pressure. But I did and I determined to really make things happen until when I was six, especially it was mentioned, one of my elder sister will predictably have a tragic life. Starting after 40. I freaked out.

I didn’t want to say the same thing happened to me, especially I don’t want to be beaten every day, so I start working very hard every day. That time I didn’t know what I was working on, but now I know it.

What is happening, you say in the whole world, especially in this corner, coronavirus, regardless of how much wealth, success, level, or social status even Donald Trump caught by the virus. Yeah, we can see how vulnerable human life is. We can really have a taste of sense of uncertainty maybe before we think, oh, I’m so successful, I’m in power. Yeah, I can dominate my whole life, you know, I have so many resort, house, I’m secure. But the one that is key to us, we reckon, I know nothing is secure, why it’s like that?

And I found that answer when I was six.

Ziv: I mean so, what is beneath everything. Why are we what we are?

Angela: Ok, like this, there are different versions, sometimes people say we come here because we have a mission, why we born, but there are different levels, layers, it’s like you peeled onions. You peel one level, they find another level and another level. What I want to share with you and the audience today is the causes behind the root causes.

You can see globally so many awesome coaches, speakers, inspirational mentors one hand to help others. But at the same time, they actually struggle. They need to do meditation. They need to do kind of a healing, try to rewind a brain and get a body fit. But meanwhile, you can search on the news, you will find so many energetic person whose body, physically, emotionally fit but suddenly crashed. Why like that?

The real reason is because human beings forgot one thing. We are like other species, like a chicken, like a fish, like a cow we are the product of nature. Before we born as energy, we are already called it in a certain way during our life journey, a percentage of people have to get sick. Percentage of people have to die early, have to trap or to, like, die in the air crash.

That’s the nature because we have coded this way. So doesn’t matter how much fitness we do, how much meditation we do, we find out we are chasing the tails.

I will show you one thing in this book called Outwitting the Devil from Napoleon Hill. Most success people, tops lists of people, all read this book. Yes they did and looks like they understand, but they don’t really find a solution. Why I share with you because in this book, Chapter seven, talking about a hypnotic rhythm. And all success, people use hypnotic rhythm to hypnotize a mind, to focus the target and get succeed. But the hypnotic rhythm is also the mindset. Lead us to credit for is the same concept and in this book, it is mentioned in a very scary way. This is like an interview with the devil. Ninety-eight percent of people actually, well, at the end, it doesn’t matter how successful you are at the end, it will be caught by the web of the earth dimension.

However, there is away. What happens with the hypnotic rhythm is that from well, slow start from the unconscious mind. But that unconscious mind, most of professionals, including people who make a living in psychology, do not have the chance to express it. They can make a judgment, use conscious mind. And Sigmund Freud mentioned the unconscious mind is largely inaccessible. Why, because it is designed by nature. However, I was lucky because I was living in that environment in the childhood, I was observing because I was not a favorite, I was not loved.

So I told myself I need to survive, but how I can survive, I don’t have anyone can support me. The only essence I have is my bloody human body, that every night is a total of maybe two years or three years old, I was already working on that. So at the time when they’re already coming to me, actually, I didn’t take it because I was very consciously.

Ziv: So in a way, you’ve been practicing in your childhood mindfulness and meditation?

Angela: Yeah, that’s right. And the other kids, they follow the parents, they are loud or they cry when they beat. But I saw so many people die. I didn’t want that. So every day when I feel the tension inside my body because the parents beat you. Because they have a lot of stress. Because they don’t want you. I was, my parents always, kind of, drowned me, you know, when I was born. So I was living in the fear of being killed, being poisoned. So I told myself, I have to get to a clean house.

I have no idea about meditation and the little kids. I even didn’t know how to describe that. But I already working on that. But now I can share with you. Actually, I was what is called, I was monitoring the coding process. I was doing that throughout my whole life journey.

That’s why most people who had gone through the situation I have gone through actually all, you know, was looking down crash. I did it, but I go to another level and another level and that the good thing is for people who are ambitious. Normally we see even we are so ambitious, we are all, the lifestyle is so busy.

Even we are so inspiring. That makes you demand too much in life. That’s the source. That’s a cause for stress, pressure. Right? That’s why you see people when they are more successful, they have depression, anxiety, PTSD all days.

Ziv: I want to jump in because I have in mind our time frame and I’m really worried that you’ll miss the very things that I’m very, very curious about. So I want to jump in. I know that we don’t have a lot of time, and I’m sure it’s a really, really there’s a lot to talk about there.

But can you take us like deep in, so you said that you said meditation very early. You dug through all the layers and you reached a place where, what do we see after we take off all the layers and we discover that. And what is there what is the code?

Angela: I share with you, what I did was not meditation at all. When we do, we wanted to get a mind state in a stable, peaceful place. Right? It’s not, what I was doing to make sure the coding process is accepted in my body and the mind. And then for busy people, busy aspiring people to do is not like, OK, you see I coach but he’s not accessible. It’s difficult, especially if you are not trained, but there is a way.

So if you are so ambitious you are busy, you can use the advantage of your busy lifestyle. What comes from is where your mind is that these are thinking with along the source. They are energy, the energy of source if not converted to the power to kill the stress and the pressure inside your body and mind. You convert the energy to take you to the depression, anxiety and go to the wrong coding.

You can see my background, these coding, right? Constant coding inside the body and the mind and body, three minds and different part body all the time. But then we interfere that with the source when we’re running business. We are running a business. We have a lot of source, we use the source immediately, convert into energy to empower yourself to be able to go to a higher level. You will not feel your body tired, exhausted, and the leading to like a cancer, like Steve Job had gone through.

Ziv: So let me see if I can understand, OK? I would try to rephrase what you said and correct me when I would be wrong. For sure I would be wrong.

So what do you say that when we think when we act, there’s energy there. And in a way, this energy can go into the wrong places and cause us to be sick and tired, etc. or we can find a way to channel that same energy to places that will help us to do better.

Angela: That’s right. What happens that coding coming and when they come in a different direction is going to actually take us down in the wrong direction. That’s why the more you want, the more you would get the anxiety pressure all days. That’s why so many people start to detach it from the practical life and go to the mountains and meditate. Don’t want be ambitious, but there you can see all the energy. They still have a cancer. I was in the process to be and now forever and I recognized I couldn’t go there because people are suffering. Yeah. That’s a lot of the paradise.

And then I realized it doesn’t matter, you sitting in the mountain you still have a source. Even you have the evidence. That’s why you need the body. You come here on earth with the body have a reason and the source have a reason. You need to use it. So the only way to use that is to convert it to the power to recycle. You can even use the words recycle, but that is already late. That means they already have a rubbish recycle. At a time when the source coming, you can immediately at the same time simultaneously convert it into the power.

Ziv: So we convert the thought or we convert the energy behind the thought?

Angela: All to convert the source, because when you run a business, you are running a big project and so many things is going. All the energy already coming, then the energy actually need to go through different parts of body. That’s what I teach people.

Ziv: So Angela can you give us, like were about to, like the time is about to end. Can you give us an example, a practical example of a thought?

Angela: I share with you is that you can see the book. Yeah, you can actually everyone can download all on my website and that’s why you call it a samurai. Samurai is someone takes over the control. But what happens in the whole world, people, they normally think that there’s some power higher than them. Yes, they can be successful, but then they wouldn’t, they say there’s some other power higher than them. And your there giving the power away, they’re not able to convert.

You got it?

Ziv: I got it. So how do we, can you give us a quick example of how do we convert?

So now I have a thought that I want to convert

Angela: It is a case by case, It’s difficult because there’s so many people like this, so many people doing the meditation and doing kind of mind reviling.

You can even say they try to convert, but actually hitting in the hypnotic rhythm. For me, I need to check everyone’s detail, like your background, your history, or if your family for a generation, even if they have schizophrenia, or if there are any mental states because of what happens, the connection from our unconscious mind, our unconscious mind is a portal, connect with a multi dimensions.

They are very risky settings, codings. I told them so many times my life risk. So for me, I serve clients one on one to check every person and design the program and also help to understand that the loophole is not about converting in the first place, it’s to find the loophole and remove the loophole what’s in your mind, in the whole body does it make sense? Monitoring means to check what is going on, like coding.

Makes sense?

Ziv: It makes sense, it’s very, very interesting, a very curious and really it sounds really interesting to actually see how it works and see the practice

Angela: It’s very interesting. You can go to the website, get free ebook, get also training there for free.

And if you go to Matrix Samurai. They from 15 minutes to 30 minutes, you are limited to consultation and talking personally because everyone is different.

Ziv: That’s great. That’s great.

Angela, thank you so much, so much for your fresh perspective and your very interesting method and for giving us the time and your energy. Thank you so much for this interview.

Angela: You are welcome.

Who are you?

Dr. Angela Wilson, Mind Matrix® Specialist “truly has her hands on what humanity is looking for but afraid most of us to find.”

As a matrix samurai®, she can take any busy aspiring and ambitious individuals who live with a high-demanding vibrate lifestyle to a safe journey in the mind matrix to escape potentially life-threatening diseases, eliminate successfully future life-altering mistakes in any aspect, and sidestep events that would have been otherwise catastrophic, like premature death and suicide. 

She was born unwanted and nobody wanted to take her under their wings. 
Unlike other toddlers who have the privilege to enjoy the playground, she was forced to be a standby assistant of doctoral parents and saw the death of patients from premature babies to aged adults, along with the unpredictable physical, emotional, and mental abuse each day.

The overheard discussion on how to get rid of her frightened Angela so much and she started to think about where she comes from, what is the purpose of her life, where she will go after death.

Living in the threat every moment, she had to find a way to stop the suffering syn-chronically when the torture starts. She began to count on the only reliable asset she has, the human body device.

Her diligent effort working led her profound finding on the secret of coding process between the “largely inaccessible unconscious mind”, conscious mind, subconscious mind, and the whole physical body, i.e. Mind Matrix®.

All human misery like wars, crimes, discrimination, political corruption, etc is just amplifier of the collective of insecure minds. As a global peace promotor, she is on mission contributing to any organisations that enhance humanity and peace.


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