How to feel gratitude deeply and live a life of gratitude?


Six coachers from around the world about how to feel gratitude deeply and live a life of gratitude.

Waseem Chady, Happiness Coach, United Kingdom.

Waseem, shares how to practice gratitude more deeply:

  1. We need to understand first that gratitude is an art of reflecting.
  2. Use a journal and write things down that you are thankful for.

Tina Collura, Productivity Coach, Canada

Tina, shares how to live a life of gratitude:

  1. Appreciate and love all that you have and all that surrounds you.
  2. Say 2 – 3 things you are grateful for every morning.
  3. The more grateful you are the more beautiful life can be.

Goran Yerkovich, Writer, Entrepreneur, and Life Coach, Canada

Goran, shares how to tap in further into gratitude:

  1. Tapping into internal dialogue by taking a step back.
  2. Ask yourself before sleep, what went well today and what didn’t? And what can I repeat for tomorrow?

Spiros Giannatos, Life Coach, United Kingdom

According to Spiros you need to do a simple practice every night before going to bed:
Scanning your day and be grateful for having the opportunity to experience it.

Neha Sonney, Consciuous Relationship Coach, Hong Kong

Neha, shares how to feel gratitude deeply:

  1. Become present to yourself and your surroundings
  2. Show appreciation for little things

Andi Saitowitz, Mindset and High-performance Coach, Israel.

Andi, shares 3 ways to bring more gratitude into our lives:

  1. Just look around you, open your eyes, and notice every little thing you have.
  2. Start looking at the things you value most.
  3. Look at the difficulties we endure, the challenges that we have to face, the struggle that we have to through.

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