Just accept the way you are. Accept the way life is. And suddenly you will see that things start changing.

Who are you?

Hey guys, it’s Ankita here. 

Born and brought up in India, I shifted to Canada after I got married in 2014. Life has been good to me always, but it got interesting once I started exploring myself. After being diagnosed with Critical illness ( Cancer in 2017), I got some break from my monotonous routine, and since then life has been pretty exciting. As in, I am learning so many things about myself, life, and it’s beautiful!
I meditate a lot, and I love to read about spirituality, Quantum Physics, Law of Attraction, Emotions, and all such topics that are a little mysterious.

I have no plans to return back to work. And I wish I help people understand more about their passion, and beauty of life. Currently, I live in Toronto, with my husband.

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Discover more about Ankita on her website and on Quora.

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