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Can you share with us a little about your background, experience and your passions in life?

Hey there, my name is Mihaela Nouras, but you can call me Miki:)

I am interested in the journey of personal evolution, self-discovery, and life design. Hungry for experiences, eager to keep learning and passionate about inspiring people to do the same. Given my own experience, struggling with inner peace and finding balance and happiness, and also my education background in psychology, I am now a holistic life coach and aspire to lead others into their own empowerment, self authenticity, and love.

What would you say are your top 3 core values in life?

Mindfulness, purpose, balance

If you could select one piece of advice that you feel the world needs to listen to and bring into reality, what would it be?

Speak your truth!The society, the childhood upbringing, and the environment do not determine who you are today at the deepest level; they do have an impact but you can learn to transcend. Take the time to reflect on how much of what you do and… Click To Tweet

You are not your thoughts, you are not your emotions, but the higher entity, the thinker observing them as they unfold. You are not your face, your body, your culture, your diet, your roles, your past. You are the awareness, you are in the unknown and this is the perfect moment to create from, this is where the magic happens.

Who is your virtual coach/mentor, and why?

I don’t have an actual mentor or coach for myself, but I have been going to therapy in the last year and I can definitely see her as my guide. Also, when it comes to the virtual environment, I learn from anybody I resemble with, no matter if I’m just paying attention to their digital accounts, or have the opportunity to actually get in touch and connect. I am a very big fan though of Jay Shetty, Eckhart Tolle, Oprah, Joe Dispenza and so many more, which I consider my mentors on a deep level because of what they teach so powerfully.

What is your “secret ingredient” for a happier and fulfilling life?

Reaching every day for the happiness within, outside of any external factors. It’s not at all easy and I can go even deeper and say it’s a full-time job:))

I have of course, like everybody else, challenging situations and things outside of my reach or my control, but especially in those times, I look inward. I love to meditate, to reflect upon my thoughts and actions, to ask myself the difficult questions, and see the lessons in every experience. Every moment is an opportunity to try again.

Which habit do you think is making you a better, happier and healthier person?

I would go back once again to meditation since it’s the purest form of getting in touch and reconnect with your self.
I have been doing it really more consciously for about a year, but in the beginning, I had no idea what I was doing. I can still remember my first attempt, years ago, to meditate for 3 minutes, being motivated by a friend of mine. I couldn’t. I got up really nervous and irritated that I can’t stop my mind from popping thoughts. Hahaha.

So, I really know how hard it can be in the beginning because we’re not used to it and it feels uncomfortable. But the ugly truth is that the process of self-awareness is the only way to go forward in your journey. It requires your full attention and practice to be developed and maintained, but as you proceed, it enhances your health and wellbeing thus gaining back the control and power over your life.

What helps you when you are stressed or anxious?

Whenever I feel I am losing control, no matter the negative thought, I pause and breath. And I do it until I am ready to face up the world again. Click To Tweet

What book changed your life, and in what way?

Wow, there are several books actually that helped so much in my own process of self-development. To mention a few, it would be:
Louise Hay – You can heal your life
Eckhart Tolle – The power of now
Michael Singer – The untethered soul
Elizabeth Gilbert – Eat, pray, love and the list could go on.

I found all of these in different moments, but each time I was struggling with the experiences I was going through. My way of approaching the pain I was under was to explore wherever, hoping to find the answers that I was looking for. I have learned so many empowering lessons from these books and got me to deepen on the subject even more.
I began to shift my mindset, to understand my worth, to attract beautiful things in my life, to be more present, to admit my healthy boundaries, and to do the inner work so I could take my power back. I am forever grateful for these resources that I came across in my life at the appropriate time for me.

Are you into journaling/bujo? If yes, in what way do you journal?

Journalling has been also more difficult for me to adopt. I know it may sound superficial, but I never liked my handwriting and it gets me irritated every time I write down.
But I do come back to it and put myself to write, especially if I am overwhelmed or simply off. I use different journalling methods depending on what I need at that moment: sometimes it’s just dumping all my thoughts, other times is laying out words in a positive manner, sometimes it’s about gratitude and sometimes it’s scripting journalling – writing as if I already got what I want to achieve, getting really connected into the life I desire so I can manifest it easily.

Do you practice mindfulness? If yes, why did you start and what do you like about the practice of mindfulness?

Once I read the book from Eckhart Tolle, I really understood how precious is for me to live in the moment. As I was going through the pages, it struck me how much I was living either in the past, reliving moments, or in the future, imagining possible outcomes. I reach for mindfulness in my meditation because it makes me feel so free of anything bad, irritating, or annoying. In the present moment, everything is perfect.

What do you do when you don’t know what to do?

Research, research and more research. I have been going through a lot of these moments, especially in the career field. I was feeling lost and didn’t know which way to go. So I started reading, watching documentaries, inspiring movies, listening to podcasts, tv shows, people’s experiences. Mainly, I was gathering information from any source I could put my hands on.
From all those things I interacted with, some resembled more with me and my soul so I went on more specifically. There are also times when I try to surrender. I know the Universe always guides me and has my back so I lay back, I relax, as much as I can, and I know I will figure it out.

What is the most unusual thing you are grateful for?

My pain. I learnt to be grateful for each experience I had in my life, either positive or negative, because all of them helped to shape the person I am today.
At the moment, obviously I couldn’t see it that way. I was so low, going through the dark night of the soul that I was not able to see any good in it. Everything was shut down. But now, looking backward, if I had never gone through my pain, I wouldn’t have fought to survive and grow into who I am now.

What makes a “Good Day” a good day for you?

My perfect kind of days include coffee, sunshine, adventure, novelty, laughs, connection, and sunset. I love the little things and I believe these are the ones that spark the light within us.

If the following answer would be read by billions, what would you write?

You can do and be whoever you want to be. It's not too soon or too late, it's too low or too high. You are the creator of your own life and once you truly realize this, you can conquer the world. Click To Tweet

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